Colours of the Reef

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Roger Steene is widely recognised as one of the world’s finest underwater photographers. His latest publication, Colours of the Reef, is a spectacular celebration of his life’s work. This 3-volume book set (weighing in at 12kgs) comprises an unsurpassed collection of 6921 of his most outstanding photos spread over 1404 pages. Colours of the Reef is the ultimate coffee table book set of our time – a master work of photographic excellence by acclaimed photographer, marine naturalist and undersea explorer Roger Steene.

In terms of sheer scope, photographic quality and species coverage, Colours of the Reef  is truly a once-in-a-lifetime creation – the definitive, must-have educational reference resource for all public libraries and museums, marine research libraries, ocean scientists, Marine Park authorities, universities and schools, charter boat captains, ocean expedition leaders, marine collectors, Scuba divers and anyone who wants to better appreciate the hidden mysteries of life on coral reefs. This is an impressively comprehensive, thoroughly unique and vividly beautiful publication.

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Colours of the Reef is distributed in Australia by Ocean Ark Alliance, which uses a portion of each sale to fund the Roger Steene Legacy initiative. This is an ongoing project aimed at completing the digital scanning and indexing of Roger’s vast slide collection (over 100,000 photos), a priceless natural heritage resource of global significance acquired over five decades on thousands of dives. By purchasing this book and/or his Limited Edition Prints, buyers will be helping to bring even more of Roger’s exceptional underwater images into the public realm.

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