About Colours of the Reef

Colours of the Reef represents the pinnacle of achievement in the life of an incredibly skilled and prolific undersea photographer. Roger Steene has explored some of the wildest and most remote underwater locations on earth, and a close association with numerous respected marine scientists has given him an unmatched understanding of the behaviours and interactions of a staggering array of marine creatures.

RSteene-Blue-Buttons_260x380His perfectionist photography in this astounding 3-volume book set covers the entire gamut of marine invertebrates and vertebrates, from microscopic plankton to blue whales – and everything in between. It features aerial, historic and satellite imagery, macro, ultraviolet and microscopic photography, plus over 150 images of reef organisms that are completely new to science. Artists will be especially inspired by the Patterns chapter, in which Roger presents a stunning range of surreal photographs featuring extraordinary colours, shapes and natural designs.

Colours of the Reef is a visual masterpiece that takes you on a spellbinding journey through the underwater realm, introducing an amazing range of sea creatures that will captivate, delight and astonish readers of all ages. The books are full of fascinating educational facts, and Roger’s insight into behaviours, reproductive habits, adaptations and inter-species relationships makes for compelling reading. Photos are conveniently labelled for species identification, and the text is informative, engaging and geared toward the general public – with a minimum of scientific jargon. Each volume lists the global location where individual photographs were taken.

It is impossible to convey in words the astonishing quality of this publication. It would not be an exaggeration to proclaim it one of  the most visually spectacular book sets ever produced – not just on the subject of marine life, but on any subject at all. To hold Colours of the Reef in your hands is be to be transported into another world – a world where there is wonder in every image, and where it is impossible not to feel an increased appreciation of the ocean’s inherent natural beauty. Whether you view Colours of the Reef as a one-of-a-kind educational marine reference or simply a visual feast of the ocean’s most vivid life forms, this is a publication that will stand the test of time for generations to come.

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Colours of the Reef is distributed in Australia by Ocean Ark Alliance, which uses a portion of each sale to fund the Roger Steene Legacy initiative. This is an ongoing project aimed at completing the digital scanning and indexing of Roger’s vast slide collection (over 100,000 photos), a priceless natural heritage resource of global significance acquired over five decades on thousands of dives. By purchasing this book and/or his Limited Edition Prints, buyers will be helping to bring even more of Roger’s exceptional underwater images into the public realm.

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About Roger Steene


Roger Steene has explored coral reefs for over 40 years with expert marine scientists, contributed to a dozen field guide books (many in collaboration with Dr. Gerald Allen) and published highlights of his vast record of marine life in several large-format volumes including Coral Reefs – Natures Richest Realm, Oceanic Wilderness and now Colours of the Reef. This latest publication represents the culmination of Roger’s life’s work photographing the living riches of the sea.

rsteene-oceanwildernessLike visions of another world, Roger’s photographs have magical qualities that delight anyone with an interest in animals, the sea or photography in general. His meticulous attention to detail conveys vivid impressions of marine life and extensive knowledge gained by determination, unbridled enthusiasm  and countless dive hours spent on coral reefs around the globe.

Concentrating on close-up photography (including microscopic work), some of his subjects are creatures that have not yet been recorded or named by science. Affiliated as an Associate of the Australian Museum in Sydney and the Western Australian Museum in Perth, he has had several new species named after him, including a recently discovered Lionfish.

Now a resident of Cairns in north-eastern Australia, Roger has always lived close to the Great Barrier Reef. He is a fun-loving, no-nonsense, down-to-earth Aussie who loves the oceans and its creatures, shuns publicity and always aims for perfection in his beautiful work.

Roger’s vast library of photo stills constitutes a major resource component of Ocean Ark Alliance’s Global Educational Endowments, which is an extensive collection of media, educational resources and scientific data that Ocean Ark Alliance offers license-free to organisations and individuals involved in scientific research, marine education and conservation (for non-profit uses and applications).